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The Romanesque Route: the Obarenes Mountains and the river Tirón

From the Conchas de Haro (the Ebro) until well into the province of Burgos, the Obarenes Mountains protect the vineyards of the western Rioja Alta area and, in addition to wineries and farmland, we can find marvellous examples of Romanesque art.

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2017 Annual Award goes to Bodegas Familiares for its new corporate image

Bodegas Familiares de Rioja has received the Annual Gold Award for the ‘Best logo for a product or service’ for the corporate image that it launched this year with the Logroño-based agency Lles.

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Bodegas Familiares de Rioja, leading player of the ‘New Rioja’

The Metrópoli magazine and  (Víctor de la Serna, Juancho Asenjo, Alberto Pérez Marín and Jens Riis) carried out several tastings of four shipments featuring wines which are not very accessible to the conventional consumer and at which the wineries in our association took centre stage.

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